Welcome to the beautiful Country Nepal for Everest Trekking

Mt Everest Trekking

Nepal is a part of mountain climax surrounded by different Himalayas in the North Central part of Nepal. Nepal is a country filled by the holidays Packages trekking to the various peaks of the world as well as hiking, climbing, mountaineering, jungle safari and lot of many more. Nepal a landlocked kingdom sited in southern part Asia which is an amazing part of land gifted of the natural beauty, Hindu cultural rites, tradition and many different festivals.

Nepal is the place to the earth eight uppermost mount peaks which includes the highest peak that is trekking Everest at an altitude of 8848m.

So trekking Everest is said to be as the perfect tourist destinations all around the world and hence it is famous too.On the trekking Everest trails Trekkers are mostly attracted from all over the planet by the diversity which is found in Nepal. Please find the trekking Everest YouTube video.

Beauty of the tallest peak includes the beauty of Nepal which endures many people interesting in trekking  all over the world. Mt Everest trekking and adventure begins from Sagarmatha region fulfills the dream of every mountaineers as Mount Everest is the roof of the world. Mt Everest Trekking provides the adorable beauty of the nature and its contribution to the journey towards the peak of the world.
Mt Everest Trekking starts with a air flight from Kathmandu which is the capital city of Nepal to a place called Lukla. This place is the junction point of Buddhism. Lukla is the place full  of monuments  and temples.

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